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In 2020, over 6,000 international students studied in South Carolina.

South Carolina is a highly desired place to live. 2020 delivered the second highest percentage in the US of migration into the state.

More than 1,200 international firms have chosen South Carolina as their home. This trend is on the rise.

“The reason that I chose CofC is because I thought that this would be a perfect environment for me to thrive. Coming from a small island in the Bahamas, Charleston seemed like the perfect place for me to be. The climate is very similar to that of the Bahamas so I thought that it would be an easier adjustment. In addition to the city of Charleston, I thought that the College of Charleston could be a perfect size school for me. With the population of around 10,000, I thought that it would be small enough so that I do not feel overwhelmed in a new city, but just big enough so that I am constantly meeting new people from all over the world.”

College of Charleston, Ethan Bain - Bahamas

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

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